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Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I just couldn't "click" with

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Top Ten characters I just couldn't "click" with

For whatever reason, these characters just did nothing for me. Either they angered me, annoyed me, or I was just apathetic towards them and their actions.

1. Juliette 

At least, I think that's her name (the main character, right?) I just didn't like the first book (and gave up reading the second,) and her characters (and the strike- out writing) didn't jive with me.



2. Daisy






3. America

I was okay with her in the first and third selection book, but The Elite just made me downright annoyed and angry with her. After reading The Heir, her daughter may be going down that track as well.


4. Adam

He just always feels so whiny to me for some reason, and his constant complaining just irks me.


5. Mal

He's a character I'm just apathetic about. I just... *shrug*



6. Peeta

He's another character I became apathetic about. I understand how he was tortured and everything, I just never felt a true connection with him or him + any of the other characters.


7. Luce

It's been a while since I've read this series (I stopped book 5 a few months ago, but I plan on picking it back up at some point in the year.) I'm not sure if it's her or how the series progressed, but I feel like I couldn't care less about whatever happens to her. Maybe it's how every single thing in the books is linked to her "importance" or something, I don't know.


8. Erika Berger

Uuuuuugh I did NOT like her character. I'm glad she wasn't that significant in the books, but still, she just got on my nerves.


9. Alex

Looking back, I don't feel much about him. Especially after that last book.



10. Any of the characters

Probably the easiest for me since I just didn't like the book. With no real plot, I felt like I ran a marathon and didn't shed a calorie. It was filled with a lot of pretty words, but in the end... nothing happened. The characters had a lot to do with that, I suppose.


These are just my opinions.


  1. From your list, I've only read The Raven Boys and The Hunger Games. And while I don't dislike Adam and Peeta, they aren't my favorite characters either so I can see why they didn't really work for you.

  2. Lol. I had Daisy in my list too but your one word kinda sums it up so much more eloquently. And I agree about Erika Berger!


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