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Summer Lovin' Day 3: "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee"

Today’s Participation discussion is…
Favorite Fictional Female

Who is your absolute favorite fictional female?

I can't just pick one! It's a list containing Amelia Bedelia, Hermoine Granger, Charley Davidson and Arya Stark.

What makes her so awesome?

Amelia Bedelia: I use to see a lot of myself in her. I grew up clumsy (turns out it was because of a medical condition) and reading Amelia always made me laugh and then feel proud, because in the end, she always triumphed and saved the day! (She also reminded me of Lucille Ball, of whom I've idolized as a child.)

Hermoine Granger: She's the smart quick wit person who I've always wanted to be like. In the books she was always described as having frizzy hair and although never calling her looks ugly, she seemed to be like the ugly duckling who turned into a swan before our eyes. I would've loved for that in my life, and to not have to play dumb just to get people to like you– what must that have been like? I love her persona, loyalty and dedication in everything she sets her mind to.

Charley Davidson: Ok, she's awesome. She's also a Grim Reaper...ish. She's pretty much someone who would be awesome to be friends with and hangout with. She see's the dead, solves crimes, kicks ass and has the attention of the hottest guys. I'm sure she's too cool for me, but GAH! I love her style!

Arya Stark: She's so strong willed and beyond brave. She's a great thinker, and is confident in her ability to "stick them with the pointy end." Her story is so heartfelt (except in Feast of Crows... Arya what the heck, that was the boringest book of the entire series,) and I just know that she is someone I'll always be rooting for.

You could introduce us through a character interview or give us a picture – whatever you want. Be creative!

Well, here's a quick sketch of Amelia Bedelia, (a rather mean looking) Hermoine, a guess of Charley (I couldn't find a ref. picture close enough to how I envision her,) and a (rather confused looking) Arya. I'm not used to sketching in pen, lol!

Today’s Author Feature hosted by Read Sleep Repeat - Sarah Fine, author ofSanctum (Guards of the ShadowLands)

Today’s Challenge post at Reviewing Wonderland 

 the object of the game is to pick a book you have not yet read, turn to page 99 and read that page. Then you give a synopsis of that page and tell us if, based only on that page, would you want to read this book?

The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood seemed to be appropriate for this challenge. It's just sitting on my bookshelf, waiting it's turn.

Based off of page 99 (titled "The Soda"): This is a turning point for the narrator, as she notices a change in her father's demeanor towards her. With the simple act of taking her to town meaning so much to the narrator, You get that their relationship isn't exactly hunky dory. She gives us a quick insight on their father-daughter relationship, and although her father's simple act may seem like a change for the good, I think maybe it's the opposite. Things will change for the worst. 

I want to know what turned their relationship, how their family has been affected by whatever the problem was, and–yes– I definitely want to read more of this book!

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