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Summer Lovin' Day 1: Class Orientation

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Tell us a little bit about yourself – Where are you from? What’s your favorite genre? What got you reading? – Be creative and show your individual personality!

Hello! Well, I've never really participated in an actually reading event, such as this, so I hope I'm doing everything right! I'm Deneé and I currently reside in Ohio. I'm a military brat, so I feel like I'm still some sort of nomad, and really don't have a claim anyplace to really call home. After graduating high school at 16, I went and majored in Music Composition (I played the French Horn,) and when I got frustrated with the teaching at that college, I changed my major to Interior Design and moved on elsewhere. I now have a degree in Interior Design, but alas, am still unemployed. 

My favorite genre, without a doubt is classic mystery, but I also really enjoy witty urban paranormal's such as anything by Darynda Jones. I've also recently, thanks to starting A Song of Ice and Fire last year, gotten into fantasy and even some Sci-Fi (thanks to Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park) so I'm quite interested in those as well. My favorite authors are Agatha Christie, GRRM, J.K. Rowling, Michael Crichton and of course, Darynda Jones, in which I can read just about anything they have out there, willingly, and know I'll love it. 

What got me reading? I supposed I'd have to say my mom and biological dad, for reading to me when I was too little to do it myself. That repetition of reading to me helped me learn to read at an early age and love it. Also, my pre-school at Beale AFB in California where I would always run right to the reading section every morning! (Hello if you're out there Miss Joe!) 

We’d also like to know – What are your goals for this read-a-thon?

My goals for this read-a-thon is to try something new, meet new people, have fun and to bring back that spark I used to have for reading while not under pressure (ARC reviewing will do that to ya!)

Teaser Tidbits (hosted by Shelf Addiction)

"It's what people always say. A senseless act of violence. A senseless murder. As if you could commit sensible murder." (150)

I only just finished the first chapter of this book, so I'm quite intrigued, based off of these teasers, what will happen!

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