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Quicksilver (Ultraviolet #2) by R.J. Anderson

Quicksilver (Ultraviolet #2)
by R.J. Anderson

Format: Hardback, 314 pages
Published:  March 1st 2013 by Carolrhoda Lab
Genre: YA, Sci-fi

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R.J. Anderson
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Back in her hometown, Tori Beaugrand had everything a teenaged girl could want—popularity, money, beauty. But she also had a secret. A secret that could change her life in an instant, or destroy it.

Now she’s left everything from her old life behind, including her real name and Alison, the one friend who truly understood her. She can’t escape who and what she is. But if she wants to have anything like a normal life, she has to blend in and hide her unusual... talents.

Plans change when the enigmatic Sebastian Faraday reappears and gives Tori some bad news: she hasn’t escaped her past. In fact, she’s attracted new interest in the form of an obsessed ex-cop turned investigator for a genetics lab.

She has one last shot at getting her enemies off her trail and winning the security and independence she’s always longed for. But saving herself will take every ounce of Tori’s incredible electronics and engineering skills—and even then, she may need to sacrifice more than she could possibly imagine if she wants to be free.


"I thought I had the truth and that no one could take it away from me. But now I don't know what to believe." (143) 

I absolutely loved Ultraviolet and I absolutely love this as well! It's so nice to get away from a story writhing in love triangles and filled with whinny teenagers. While Ultraviolet focused on Alison, Quicksilver focuses on Tori after they escape Mathis. To get away from the police and scientists hounding her, Tori and her parents change their identities and relocate their lives, but it is enough?

"I told myself it felt like freedom, and it did. But deep down, it also felt like death." (7)

Just as the first book, Quicksilver really clung to me with it's sci-fi filled plot of aliens, control and deception. We get to really understand Tori and how she's been brought up to use her charm and ability to read people to manipulate them. Milo is introduced as a factor in which manipulation becomes painful for Tori (AKA Niki) and she learns to hold on to her emotions and trust people. Although this may not always seem like a great decision for some people (including some incidents with Faraday) in the end she learns how to trust herself as well, to do what is right for her and those who care about her. Although dealing with escaping the police and the scientists at GeneSystem seems like enough, there's something bigger in the making as Tori (Niki) finds out that the relay is still active and can send her back through the open wormhole to Mathis. With the help of a few friends, she must take action before it's too late.

"I was tired of lies and evasions: I'd spent a lifetime pretending, and sometimes I hardly knew what the truth was anymore." (94)

In all, this book is a exceptional companion to the first book, even though it has a different feel about it. I love the adventure that the author took me on, especially since I haven't read that much science fiction in my life and this series really gave me a new interest in the genre. Although I love this book in the series, I also feel like it could be read and understood without having read Ultraviolet, but in all seriousness that book was amazing as well and I would highly recommend both of these Ultraviolet books for someone looking for a cosmic adventure.

First Line:"On June 7, the year I turned sixteen, I vanished without a trace." (1)
Last Line:"'Let's call it an experiment in progress,' I said." (314)
"Which meant the only way to solve the problem was to solve the problem, literally. To find the threat to my safety and eliminate it, before it eliminated me. I only wish I knew how." (90)

"'I don't know how to be anything but pretend,' I replied, and it ached in me how true that really was. 'But if I could be real, I'd be real for you.'" (226)

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