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Mr. Monk is Cleaned Out (Mr. Monk #10) by Lee Goldberg

Mr. Monk is Cleaned Out (Mr. Monk, #10)Mr. Monk is Cleaned Out by Lee Goldberg
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Monk's been swindled out of his savings-but now it's payback time, in the latest original mystery featuring everyone's favorite OCD detective. 

In the midst of a financial crisis, the SFPD fires Adrian Monk as a consultant. Monk figures he can live off his savings for a while. Then Natalie learns that Monk invested his money some time ago with Bob Sebes, the charismatic leader of Reinier Investments, who's just been arrested on charges of orchestrating a massive $100 million fraud. All of Sebes' clients-including Monk-are completely wiped out.

When the key witness in the government's case against Sebes is killed, Monk is convinced that Sebes did it, but the man has been under house arrest with a horde of paparazzi in front of his building 24/7. Monk may be broke, but he's got plenty of time on his hands to solve this latest mystery..."


A very entertaining read that combined wit, mystery, politics and economical woes in a little box with a polished... Monk polished... bow.

I liked this book mainly because of it's easy going nature and how fun it was to read through. Told in the perspective of Natalie, Monk's assistant and friend, we are guided through the complications of Monk's life as he loses several things that are most important to him; his job, his life savings, his house and his water. His spastic and depressive responses to his losses add both a heartfelt and comical tone to the book. Caught in the crosshairs, Natalie too must face hard times as her employer loses his job (thus she loses hers) and through dedication and persistence, she must struggle to uphold her family and Monk. Monk, with the help of Natalie, must learn to either adapt and move on or right everything that has wronged him and solve the mysterious murders and find out who is really behind the big Ponzi scheme.

"This was more than just a homicide investigation now. It was my house, food on the table, my daughter's college education, and Monk's financial future that were at stake here.
Our salvation depended on Monk proving the impossible was possible, and on the chief, the mayor, and the captain being desperate and frightened enough to believe that he could.
I hoped that wasn't asking too much." (266)

I really love the television series, and although there are nuances that deviate this book from the series, I still found this book very enjoyable. The book, after a while of reading, tends to over exaggerate Monk's lifestyle and attitude, sort of like an OCD Eeyore, but perhaps that is used to compensate on behalf of our imagination as opposed to what we can actually see and infer from plopping down in front of the television.

"Charlie Brown was a happy-go-lucky guy compared to Adrian Monk." (47)

In all, I found this book delightful and would love to delve deeper into this book series. The author seems to have fun with Monk and all his zany antics!

First Line: "Some guys showed up the other day at the house next door, mowed the dead lawn, and spray-painted it green." (1)
Last Line: "I smiled at him. 'What do you think I'm doing right now?'" (289)


"'There is nothing left over,' I said.
'You obviously don't know how to handle money,' Monk said. 'Maybe if you ironed your cash, you'd learn to appreciate it more.'" (16)

"'My fears are available to anybody who is interested. They are detailed in ten volumes, no including the index. I give all my friends copies.'" (258)

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Hardcover288 pages
Published July 6th 2010 by NAL Hardcover (first published July 1st 2010)
0451230094 (ISBN13: 9780451230096)

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