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Sole Possession by Bryn Donovan

Sole PossessionSole Possession by Bryn Donovan
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"After David Girard inherits his family's creepy old estate—a place that holds only tragic memories for him—he wants nothing to do with it. The sooner it's out of his possession, the better, so he hires Andi Petrowski to fix it up for a quick sale. He's immediately drawn to the feisty contractor, but he fears his father's cruel legacy will ruin everything.

The moment Andi enters the Girard mansion, she's haunted by disturbing visions. She tries to brush them off, but her attraction to David isn't as easy to ignore. Their relationship soon crosses the line from professional to personal, despite his guarded nature and warnings about his dark past.

When the dreams and visions intensify into very real violence, David and Andi are desperate to uncover the evil threatening to possess him. Could Andi's gifts be the key to uncovering the darkness within David? And will he be strong enough to break the family curse and protect the woman he loves?"

My Review:

From the beginning to the end this book consumed me. The renovations on the house are turning horrid as a disease of unfortunate events fall upon David and his contractor turned girlfriend, Andi. For some reason, the house possesses the men who dare to cross it’s threshold and it is time for it all to end, before someone else gets hurt. Upon discovering the history of the house, David learns of his own family history and the skeletons in it’s closets.

“Back then, Edgar inhabited a body. Now he inhabited a house like a black hole that wanted to swallow David whole.” (loc. 3018)

David fears for the safety of Andi and is determined to put the haunts to and end, but can he pull it off when he, himself, becomes influenced?

      I like how David’s character has the theme, “love conquers all evil” as he fights with himself and inner demons to protect Andi from the house and himself. Andi comes to terms with her own past of spiritual mediumship and hones her skills as she is determined to help David take back control of his soul. David’s a protector, while Andi wants to fight. The battle against the house and it’s murderous history is on.
      I love how the plot graduates with the character development of David and Andi and how they find love and trust in each other throughout the evil of their situation. I enjoy how the author shows her audience the point of views of both David and Andi, so we can see how their different thought processes played into their decision making. We, as the readers, are able to decipher how they perceive each other and how their actions (whether consciously or not) affect their relationship.
      I would wholeheartedly recommend this book for those who are looking for a haunted thrill, some romantic steam, and an interesting journey of a mystery. This book is definitely filled with suspense and guarantees a good scare. With suspense, angst, sex, mystery, and of course, the paranormal, this book will keep you rooted as you yourself become possessed with it’s allure.

First Line: “Andi parked her truck, got out and looked up at one of the most amazing houses she had ever seen.” (loc. 34)

Last Line: “She had complete possession of his heart.” (loc. 3529)

“She had a feeling that was like the sound of a music box playing in a abndoned room...a sense of danger and fascination.” (94)

“When Andi looked down at the raw wood again, her breath caught for a moment.
She saw a face in the wood grain.” (loc. 109)

“David couldn’t believe they were returning to the godforsaken house that very night. Why was he even going along with it? He didn’t want to be there. The house for damn sure didn’t want them to be there.” (loc. 2100)

I didn’t know what I was doing. The thought didn’t comfort him. It did exactly the opposite. All he’d wanted, all his life, was to be free, to be in charge of what happened to him.
Now Marty and Andi were saying he didn’t have control over himself at all. And he feared they were right.” (loc. 2448)

Galley provided by Carina Press via NetGalley

Expected publication: October 29th 2012 by Carina Press

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